Lead Based Paint (LBP)

Our lead-based paint inspectors are prepared to conduct building surveys and inspections to identify lead-based paint prior to renovation, repair, general routine maintenance, or demolition activities. Champion Environmental utilizes handheld tube-based X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzers to provide quick, non-destructive lead (Pb) in paint analysis. Used on location for immediate results, they help determine the next course of action, when and where it’s needed.

A typical LBP survey report sets forth:

  • Inventory of identified LBP and associated building components
  • Quantity, location and condition
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Control options
  • Recommendations

Already have identified lead-based paint? We can also provide on-site air sample collection and coordinate laboratory analysis. Samples are typically collected before, during and upon completion of projects per requirements of Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), EPA and state regulations and including negative exposure assessments. Champion Environmental’s trained technicians collect samples utilizing state of the art air monitoring equipment.

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